Nord VPN Review

Nord VPN Review, 2019

ExpressVPN is a great choice when it comes to virtual private networks. However, NordVPN is also a good contender.

When it comes to choosing one, you have to get down to basics. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many servers do they have?
  • How many countries do they provide? Can I easily jump from one to the next?
  • Is there a kill switch?
  • What’s the support like (you may encounter problems along the way.

What I’ve also discovered is that this provider isn’t particularly expensive. They use the OpenVPN tunnelling protocol and an AES 256-bit encryption, making it a good choice for both privacy protection and generally using the Internet without restriction and with ease.

NordVPN Review: Overview of Features

Speed – How fast is it?

These days, online privacy is hot. We don’t want to be followed but at the same time we want ease of use. One of the biggest complaints many VPN users have (myself included) is how using this software can slow your Internet down. With NordVPN however, speeds are better than about 60% of other providers.

Lagging speed is definitely irritating: especially if you’re just streaming or watching Netflix. Or working on a tight deadline. Luckily, NordVPN only seems to drop speed at about 25%. It’s still not fantastic, but it’s one of the better options. After all, which would you prefer? Slightly slow Internet or someone potentially hacking your bank account?


This is a particularly nice feature because this VPN is available on all the major platforms. Mac OS X, iOS, Windows and Android. You can also install it on other systems although you may want to configure it. If you’re a Linux user, there’s extensive support available – even for devices like the Raspberry Pi.

Chrome and Firefox users can also use extensions for their respective browsers.

Servers & Locations

Aside from privacy, this is one of the hot-button issues for me. The choice is amazing here: over 3500 servers are available from a choice of 62 countries. Now, that’s a hell of a lot of choice! No matter your need, you should be able to use NordVPN with relative ease and find a server somewhere. Oceania and African countries are also covered. You’ll even be able to freely go online in the Middle East and China – both places where HUGE firewall restrictions are still in place.

More features of note

That’s not all! While the aforementioned basics are important, there are a few other things about NordVPN that I found pretty nifty…

  • A kill switch in case your Internet connection is suddenly broken. There are two different kinds: you can close a particular app or terminate the entire Internet connection.
  • You’re allowed 6 simultaneous connections
  • Double data encryption through DoubleVPN.
  • And yes… you can use it to watch Netflix.


As a general all-rounder, NordVPN is definitely a useful choice. For me in particular, it’s a bit of a battle between this and ExpressVPN. I thankfully had a free subscription to the latter (read: work bought it for me!) but NordVPN is definitely my next personal choice. I’m glad I took the free trial and think I may actually purchase a year of it.

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