Udemy Review

Udemy Review, 2019

The Internet is currently awash with online learning platforms and digital universities these days. What’s more, it’s quite common to see bloggers, influencers and others selling courses in all kinds of subjects.

That’s pretty much what Udemy.com is: a place where self-styled “experts” can sign up, design a course and then flog it to their hearts’ content. I’m pretty sure quite a few of them make a tidy sum. With their humble beginnings in 2009, the platform has exploded and is now one of the world’s most well-known. It is also worth noting that their model is not styled on the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) principle. That’s self-evident from the fact that users can design and sell courses to make a buck.

The range of subjects Udemy offers, however, is massive. Remote workers who want to up their skills and digital nomads interested in learning more would do well to take note!

Udemy Review: A breakdown of what they offer

The range of subjects at Udemy is quite broad. Many of the courses on offer are business, marketing and IT-focused. This makes it perfect for telecommuters, remote workers and digital nomads who are really itching to up their professional game. That being said, they have other more esoteric and “lifestyle” options as well (remember, plenty of entrepreneurial people are trying to flog their courses here!).

The full list of categories is as follows:

  • Development: More specifically, courses related to web dev, mobile app development, game development, software testing and programming languages.
  • Business: This section has courses which cover subjects like entrepreneurship, management, sales, strategy, project management and more.
  • IT & Software: Focuses more on IT certification, operation systems, network & security.
  • Office Productivity: SAP, Google, Apple, Microsoft tools etc.
  • Design: Courses on Design Tool, Design Thinking, UI/UX, Graphic and Web Design.
  • Marketing: Everything digital marketing, social media, SEO, brand, marketing fundamentals, affiliate marketing etc.
  • Lifestyle: “Fun” and useful courses on arts and crafts, food, beverages, gaming, travel etc.
  • Health & Fitness: Instruction video courses on mental health, yoga, sports, nutrition and more.

In addition, further categories have courses which cover subjects like photography, music and more. If there’s any area of knowledge you’re thinking of “brushing up”, it’s likely you’ll find a course about it on Udemy.

Many of the courses (at least those that I’ve taken) are offered in video format. However, you’ll also get access to various materials provided by instructors. I will say that how the video is done also has a bearing on quality. One course I took had interesting subject matter, but the instructors spoke so slowly it nearly put me to sleep.

Handy features

Since there’s so much information out there, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Udemy is quite handy in that it has a section where you can easily view and access your courses:

udemy screenshot 1.jpg

The platform also has a robust search engine. Just type in the subject you’re interested and see what’s available. If you fancy yourself an expert in a subject, you can even sign up to be an instructor. I haven’t done this myself, so I can’t necessarily comment on this.

If you’re not arsed searching manually, you can take a look at trending topics:

udemy screenshot 2

You also don’t have to start a course straight away or even invest in it. Simply click the red heart and add it to your wishlist for later.

Is Udemy free?

Not really… and yes. Signing up and creating an account at Udemy is free. You can also browse through their course categories and see what’s on offer. Once you choose a course, you have to pay up. That being said, they’re not really that expensive. You can also pretty much “keep” the course for as long as you like. I’ve got two waiting in the wings which I like to use as resources (well, one of them… the other I wasn’t so impressed with).

While you have to pay for the actual course, make sure to keep your eyes open. They’re constantly offering deals, discounts and coupons. Of course it’s a marketing tactic but it’s still handy to pick up a Web Developer course for as little as US$9.00. Even if you’re only interested in “topping up” on certain skills, it can still be worth the investment.

You also don’t have to start a course straight away or even invest in it. Simply click the red heart and add it to your wishlist for later.


When it comes to choice, Udemy is a great platform. There is however a big mix of different instructors. In fact, anyone who thinks themselves an expert can sign up and become an instructor. Some instructors have great credentials, others are a little more dubious. So, if you just want a low-cost, efficient way of introducing yourself to a subject or getting to grips with a piece of software, Udemy’s a good choice.


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