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Udacity Review, 2019

Like many of the online learning platforms reviewed here, Udacity’s main focus is on upskilling. For professionals (especially those who want to switch to a remote work setup) in digital marketing and tech industries, the courses available are simply invaluable.

Why? Due to their focus on lifelong learning. Which is an absolute must in these fields.

Essentially, Udacity is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that supports and empowers people to develop new skills to land the jobs they want. Their mission, they state, is…

Democratize education through the offering of world-class higher education opportunities that are accessible, flexible and economical.

If any online learning platform steers in the direction of digital nomads and those looking for a more flexible work environment, it’s Udacity. After all, the most important thing you need is an Internet connection.

Udacity Review: How is it structured?

During this Udacity review I discovered that this particular platform has a slightly different way of doing things. They have a standard course catalog as well as “nanodegrees” (more on those later). When looking at the whole range of courses on offer, its very extensive and very tech-focused (although there are a few programs with more of a marketing slant).

For pure tech, courses on Artificial Intelligence include things like Deep Learning, AI (general), Computer Vision, AI Programming with Python and Natural Language Processing. There are also courses on Data Science (some with a slant towards business such as Predictive Analytics for Business).

Business courses include Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Business Analytics and more. There’s also a handy section providing advice on career development: more specifically, advice on applying to jobs and getting interviewed.

The Udacity “Nanodegree”

Although they have an extensive course catalogue, the Udacity nanodegree is by far the most well-known. Its been around for quite a while.  Basically, its just a type of course that the platform offers. You can take a nanodegree in a range of different subjects: Machine Learning, Android, AI, iOS, Marketing and more.

Nanodegrees consist of video courses and accompanying projects which are then graded by actual humans. Generally speaking, a nanodegree can last anywhere from one month to nine months. What’s nice is that you can submit a project multiple times. This gives you plenty of time and practice to achieve mastery in a particular subject area.

Is Udacity free?

Here’s the good news: in line with their ethos, Udacity is free! This is in spite of working directly with corporate partners. Regardless, their credentials are “built and recognized by industry leaders to advance your career”. The biggest thing you invest on this platform is your time. While I would never say spending money on education is a waste (I’ve gladly paid for courses myself and consider it a worthwhile investment) it’s nice to have access to a range of upskilling courses that don’t drain your bank account.

Of course, there are extra features that you’ll have to pay for. Thankfully, these are entirely optional and depend on what you want. Around 200 of the courses on the platform are free. Standard courses don’t cost anything but if you want to do a nanodegree, you’ll have to pay.

Note: While there is a sizable number of free courses on Udacity, they don’t offer a certificate. Essentially, you’ll be doing them purely for the knowledge. This may or may not be a deal-breaker for some people. If you value certification then a nanodegree is probably your best bet.
ALSO: If you want certification and to go through a nanodegree program but don’t have the money, don’t despair! You can also get a scholarship.



There’s a lot of useful stuff here – especially if you want to improve your tech or digital marketing skills. Its ethos fits well with the remote work and digital nomad revolution – but many of these skills will also come in handy in a range of other industries. Regardless of your professional needs, Udacity is well worth keeping in your bookmarks.

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