Skillshare Review

Skillshare Review, 2019

Not all online learning platforms are text and video.

Some are even more interactive: which certainly suits a specific type of learner. If you sign up to Skillshare, you’re not just joining an online learning platform. You’re joining an online learning community. It’s a place where you can discuss course content and even give feedback to instructors. What’s more, the focus is on “real world” skills. That naturally includes professionals – but if you want to learn how to cook, knit, crochet… You’ll find valuable instruction in these areas, too.

Skillshare: A breakdown and how it works

Ever heard of skillsharing? Neither had I, until I found this community. It’s the concept of sharing your skills with others. This can be in a formal setting (i.e., a classroom/lecture hall) or in casual meet ups, in community centers or at someone’s house. Basically, it’s showing others what you can do and teaching them.

That’s where the core of Skillshare comes into play: members are divided into instructors and students.

Note: Instructors on Skillshare do receive compensation. In this way, it’s not very different to other online course providers like Udemy.

Different students have different learning objectives. That’s why the range of courses here is so diverse. There’s something for not only ever interest but also every level. Maybe you’re a beginner who wants to learn something new… Or you acquired skills in the past and want to upgrade/refresh them.

Since the focus is on a “shared” learning experience, one-on-one classes aren’t offered. You sit in video lectures and join in discussions with other students. It’s useful for gaining a different perspective and yes… you can even provide feedback. If you feel something might be missing for a course… tell the instructor!

On the flipside, those who feel they have something to share can easily create a course. Since the platform offers compensation, it’s possible to earn a small income from the site. Instructors earn revenue for every student they refer who ends up becoming a premium member.

Is Skillshare free?

Skillshare isn’t entirely free… However, there are a couple of courses you don’t have to pay for. As stated before, you can become a premium member. This gives you full access to their course catalogue, which means you have a lot of learning material at your fingertips. What you pay and what you receive ultimately depends on the specifics of your subscription. Don’t forget to read the T’s and C’s!

A Quick Look at Features

Due to the unique nature of Skillshare, you get some pretty cool features along with a premium package. These include the “Shared Learning Experience” which is a way of learning that few other online courses provide. In addition…

  • Class creation and publishing lets you become an instructor yourself, if you feel so include. If you choose to become an instructor, they’ll give you the tools to promote your class through buildinga channel.
  • Premium members get access to premium classes and high-quality learning materials. There are, however, a couple of free classes you can take.
  • Group classes, learning by support and networking: these not only help your learning experience but may actually aid you in finding a job (if that’s your ultimate goal).

Skillshare is definitely unique and worth a shot. For some learners, it may be the best way to actually acquire new skills. There’s also the added benefit of a community, which is helpful even if you aren’t interested in taking a course right now.


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