Google Digital Garage Review

Google Digital Garage Review, 2019

Social media, digital marketing, web development, SEO, PPC advertising…

To be quite frank, it is overwhelming. Especially if you’re just starting from the beginning. Maybe you’re working for a start up and now have to learn the basics of SEO or how to set up a website. Whatever the case, you can spend hours online looking at tutorials, seek out experts or hire freelancers.

Or, you can look at the Digital Garage.

What is Google Digital Garage?

It’s a platform that contains a bunch of free courses mostly focused around digital skills and marketing. Not only do they include online courses, but there’s also a list of “tools” to help your business grow. These include Online Presence Tools: for testing page loading speed, the Google Search Console, G Suite and the G Suite Learning Center). There are also Marketing and Advertising Tools: Think With Google, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Local and social tools like Bing Places, Facebook for Business, Google My Business and Twitter Business.

In addition, you’ll find ecommerce tools, export tools and analytics tools.

However, our focus here are Google’s courses.

The Google Digital Garage Courses (and Tools!)

Google Digital Garage courses are divided into three sections:

  • Data and Tech
  • Digital Marketing
  • Career Development

Data and Tech focuses on things like the Basics of Code, Increase Work Productivity, Under the Basics of Machine Learning and Improve Your Online Business Security. The Digital Marketing section is pretty extensive – you’ll find courses such as the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Get a Business Online, Make Sure Customers Find You Online, Promote Your Business With Online Advertising, Promote Your Business with Content and Understand Customer Needs and Online Behaviors.

Career Development is a little broader than just “digital”. You can learn to Build Confidence with Self Promotion, Land Your Next Job, Intro to Digital Wellbeing, Effective Networking, Business Communication, Storytelling and Speaking in Public.

The best part? All of this is free.


For digital nomads and remote workers, I would say the Google Digital Garage on the whole is an absolute must. Who better to get training in this field than from the company that engineered one of the world’s biggest search engines? While I don’t like all their tools (I think WordPress is far better than Wix…), the courses and knowledge you find here are invaluable.

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