ALISON Courses Review

ALISON Courses Review, 2019

ALISON is leading online learning and education platform. What’s more, they have a mission in mind. Even in spite of being for-profit, they firmly believe in free education and the positive impact it can have on the world. Ultimately, they’re all about empower – both on individual and much larger scales.

For digital nomads (especially those strapped for cash) this is good news. Why? Simply because you have a wealth of free knowledge at your fingertips. It’s true that education can and will change lives: a simple course can spark a new idea or teach you a new skill. In turn, this makes your more marketable to clients and employers. Consider anyone who landed themselves a new job or promotion because they took the time to brush up on their Excel abilities.

Based in Galway, Ireland, ALISON Courses began in 2007. Since then, they’ve grown significantly. They further claim to provide education and training regardless of gender, geography or economic status. A noble idea, indeed.

ALISON Courses Review: Course Catalogue

During this ALISON courses review I was quite happy to see a comprehensive catalog. The potential subjects and fields learners can educate themselves about are broken down into the following main categories:

  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Healthcare
  • Maths
  • Operations
  • Skilled Trades
  • Finance
  • Life Science
  • IT
  • Languages
  • Science

These are further divided into subcategories. There is a handful of language courses (English, Spanish, German, Irish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Swedish and Japanese). The IT section covers things like Network and Security, Hardware, Game Development, Software Development etc. The Operations section offers things like Risk Management, Manufacturing, Customer Service and Quality Control. Of course, there are far more than is sensible to be listed here.

When you sign up, just take some time to browse through the full list of categories depending on your interest. You’re likely to find something that suits your needs.

Regarding structure, ALISON offers three types of “learning path”:

  • Certificate (2-3 hours) for anyone who wants to attain “critical knowledge of individual concepts within a subject area”. More or less a “basic” course that covers the principles of a subject.
  • ALISON Diploma Courses (8-10 hours) add up to the equivalent of 4 Certificate courses. With this type, you’re given a more extensive knowledge of the specific subject area.
  • Learning Paths (18-20) are more or less “combination” courses. They’re more specialized and aimed at helping learners reach specific goals. They can be a combination of any type of course (Certificate and/or Diploma) depending on your goal.

Are ALISON Courses really free?

Yes, yes, yes! ALISON Courses are free – anyone can sign up, create an account and get full access to every learning path. Pure knowledge isn’t the only thing at your disposal, either. Want to undergo an assessment? It won’t cost you a penny. Users also get access to a Learner Record. Individual Certificate Courses and Individual Diploma Courses are also free of charge.

Further features offered are career guidance, learning hubs and study reporting.

I previously stated that this organization is for-profit. So, there are a few things you have to pay for which may or may not be necessary depending on your goal. By and large, these are classed as “extras”. Categorized under a “Premium” subscription, it provides you with an ad-free user experience and the actual certificate you receive.

Keep in mind though…

…the knowledge is always free!

Are they accredited?

According to everything I researched for this ALISON Courses review– no. This is probably one of the platform’s biggest drawbacks. However, its not very different from a lot of other online course platforms out there today. ALISON is certainly useful for remote workers and digital nomads who want to get to grips with a concept. The same can be said for professionals of any kind who want to expand their knowledge and learn in a structured, guided way.

Don’t forget that for a lot of industries, its up to the individual employer to determine whether or not an accredited qualification (or indeed, any formal certificate at all) is necessary to fulfil a role. Many start ups are happy to take anyone with a solid understanding or ability to learn. For IT and digital marketing, many employers are looking to fill their digital skills gap. A platform like ALISON could very well do the trick.


Since the knowledge provided is free, ALISON is still a worthwhile resource without paying the certificate cost. As free online courses go, it’s a pretty well-structured platform and is definitely good for a “brush up”. However, if you’re interested in actually getting an accredited certification, you may want to look elsewhere.

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