Online Course Reviews

Why even bother with online course reviews?

Because continued education is important. As technology, working styles and even business continue to develop we need to keep our knowledge updated. New jobs often require new skills. Even if you’re gunning for a promotion within the same company, it’s worth brushing up on your knowledge and developing new skills.

Online Courses – General

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Online Courses – Coding, Programming & Tech

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Online Courses – Digital Marketing

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For some people, it’s sufficient to simply read up on a new topic and practice. That’s not realistic for everyone, however. It’s not only useful to have a structured way of learning but in some cases having an official, accredited qualification can get you places and heighten your chances of getting a new job or being considered for an interview.

That’s not to mention those who want to strike out on their own or start an online business. There’s a plethora of skills you can learn from online courses, so having these resources at your fingertips is always useful.

Can online courses get you a job?

No course or level of schooling is ever going to guarantee you a job. Online courses – just like those you take in the “real world”- are simply a way of acquiring the right tools to do a job. Even finishing a bachelor’s degree, a master’s or even a PhD won’t guarantee you a job at any company. Companies are looking for people who are willing to take the initiative, dive in and work on their projects with a passion.

That being said, taking an online course can give you a major advantage above other candidates. Actively striking out to learn new things sends a very important message to employers. Of course, it also depends on the industry.

For example: programming, tech and online marketing are three industries that exist in a constant state of flux. Even if you’ve been working as a digital marketer for years, updating your knowledge is always a good idea. Technologies are evolving and changing: as are the ways in which people interact with the online world.

How online courses work

Online courses take a number of different forms. How they operate depends entirely on who is supplying it.

For example…

  • Live webinars are very popular. The majority of these are once-off training sessions or they may run for a couple of weeks. They are usually “top up” sessions to provide you with further details about a specific subject.
  • Video courses are probably the most popular form. You can literally see the instructor and they are a lot more interactive (well, to a degree…). Much of the time, instructors invite their students to send in questions and even mark assignments.
  • Simple, text-based courses also exist – so you don’t always have to watch a video.