DKB Review

DKB Review, 2019

Quick Note: DKB is only available to residents of Germany. Digital nomads who have the possibility of using a German address won’t have any issues. Everything is naturally done online, although they DO tend to send a lot of paper when setting up the account. Furthermore, their service is only available in German (for now).

Deutsche Kreditbank was actually the first completely “online” bank accounted I opened. I’d actually heard of N26 first, but this financial institution drew me in. What’s also comforting to know is that they’re a subsidiary of the Bayerische Landesbank.

DKB Features

Quite a few people are switching over to DKB simply because banking is a little easier… As anyone living in Germany knows, banking isn’t just expensive. It’s slow and even basic accounts can cost a couple of euro a month.

The best features of an account here include:

  • A totally free account. You don’t need a monthly minimum input at all.
  • A free Visa credit card
  • A standard German V-Pay EC Card
  • Free worldwide cash withdrawals.
  • No foreign transaction costs.
  • Free securities account.

One particular downside is depositing cash. Since there are so few ATMs, most of them charge DKB customers a fee. However, you can usually do this for free at the post office.

DKB states that you can use them to withdraw cash worldwide for free from most ATMs. This is true even in Germany, which makes it particularly useful if you happen to live there. However, it’s probably worth noting that this should be done with the DKB Visa credit card and not with their EC card (where you’ll be charged out the ass – AVOID at all costs). Another thing worth noting is that you can only withdraw amounts of fifty and above. I don’t find this a particular hindrance but others might.

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