Banking Reviews

Digital nomads may find banking a bit of a challenge. That because a lot of banks unfortunately still stuck in the last century. Setting up an account, transferring money, getting paid… it all gets very complicated very quickly. The following banking reviews are for financial institutions that offer the highest level of autonomy for location independent workers.

This list is by no means exhaustive… and its by no means perfect. Some of the banks listed here are great (I use two of them myself and am quite happy with the services they provide).

A big killer, though, is residency.

Generally speaking, you need to have a physical address/residency in the country your institution is based in. Certain banks, like N26 and Revolut, are doing their best to change the way it’s done. Time will tell if this has any effect.

Banking Reviews

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Digital Nomad Banking: A Few Pointers

Please bear in mind, these pointers won’t work for everyone. The kind of financial institution(s) you use will depend on where have or manage to get residency. That being said, if you can somehow organize to keep an address in one country – keep it! If the bank needs to send physical letters or mail, have it pile up there.

That being said…

  • N26 is a good option for anyone who is from and/or has a base in Europe. They already have a long list of countries added to their list (Ireland, the UK, Germany etc.). They’re also trying to break into the United States and other countries… so it’s a good bank to watch. What’s also useful is that you can withdraw cash for free with their MasterCard Debit.
  • Many digital nomads from the States use the Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking Account which is free and available to US citizens.


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