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Reviews: Great Tools, Software & Online Courses For Digital Nomads & Remote Workers


You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and now I want to share with you the tools and resources I’ve used to help me land remote-first, location indepedent roles with the Remote Job Seekers’ Toolbox!

One of the great things about working remotely is how truly lightweight you can be. Sure, you may have a desk, three monitors and a high-quality ergonomic chair. Perhaps you use a desktop. But you don’t have to. As a digital nomad, your entire office could fit in your backpack.

Need to learn a new skill? You can check out reviews of online course providers. Want to browse securely? There are a few great VPN services out there as well.

I will be updating and expanding this list as I discover more great tools and software for remote workers and digital nomads. If you know of any that should be added to the list, feel free to contact me.

VPN & Online Course Provider Reviews for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

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VPNs (virtual private networks) are more important today than ever before. Not only is our online privacy under threat, but they offer a true universal gateway to the internet. If you’re running an online business or even doing your own banking, protecting your privacy is paramount. For digital marketers, accessing the entire Internet (not just sites allowed by geolocation) is essential. Thankfully, there are plenty of great and affordable VPNs on the market today.

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Learning is a lifelong process and the online world has facilitated this. Especially in light of the recent pandemic, more people than ever are turning to online courses to upskill and perhaps even start a new career. The job market is continually changing and keeping up with new skills and technologies should be a top priority for every professional, especially if you’re looking to land that next promotion or start your own income streams.

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