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Let Remote Recruitment Agencies Introduce YOU to Companies!


You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and now I want to share with you the tools and resources I’ve used to help me land remote-first, location indepedent roles with the Remote Job Seekers’ Toolbox!

Your network, job boards and online communities are excellent tools for finding your first remote job opportunities – and landing an interview. They should all be a part of your remote job search strategy.

As should remote recruitment agencies.

Right now, there aren’t too many recruitment companies specializing in hiring remote staff. I suspect this will change in the near future. However, there are quite a few recruiting firms that at also introduce remote candidates to companies. Over the last years, I’ve come across a couple of them that let you choose “remote” as an option. Earlier, these were mainly for developer roles. Now, you can find remote roles in accounting, project management, account management, marketing and more.

It’s now time to leverage them!

Below, you’ll find a number of agencies which admittedly don’t have many roles open (at the moment). My advice? Sign up with them anyway. Follow them on LinkedIn, and maybe get in touch with the recruiters who work for them! Things may be quiet now, but it’s likely they’ll pick up in the near future.

Know a great remote recruitment agency, but don’t see it listed here? Let me know and I’ll add it!

Remote Recruitment Agencies to Ramp Up Your Job Search

Acework logo

Acework offers employers “vetted digital natives for your open positions, and tailored advisory programs to unlock your team’s productivity and resilience.” They aim to become “the trusted catalystfor companies to grow their distributed teams”. Since they focus on remote, anyone can sign up – worldwide. However, this platform is also handy for anyone who lives outside the USA and is looking for a remote job.
As a candidate, you can sign up for their talent pool, verify your “remote readiness” and then use what they claim is a “signature matching algorithm” to match you with tailored remote job opportunities.

Distant Job
Distant Job is a “remote placement agency” that primarily focuses on hiring tech talent. If you’re a programmer, project manager, systems admin, dev ops engineer… It’s worth signing up with a profile. At Distant Job, you don’t need to sign up straight away. You can check their jobs page immediately and see what’s available.
Even if you aren’t necessarily a “tech person”, there are quite a few other jobs to be found here. These include recruiters, virtual assistants and web designers. logo remote recruitment agencies

Flatworld is a remote recruitment agency for developers who want to work in a great team, wherever that team may be. To get started, sign up, take a test and then get an interview from them. Soon after you’ll start receiving job matches based on your profile.
And what to do while waiting? They’ve also got a job board. What I particularly like about it is that it shows the age of the job posting (few hours old, few days old, weeks, etc.) and which time zone it’s in. Very refreshing!

remotesome logo

RemoteSome is a remote recruitment agency that serves tech talent in Europe and the USA. Positions are mostly engineering-based: front end, backend and fullstack web developers, dev ops and quality assurance. All positions are 100% remote. When you crate a profile, you also get personalized feedback and resources. This may help improve your competitiveness in the job market.

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