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Online courses are, quite frankly, revolutionary.

Never before in history have we had so much access to so much information. In fact, it’s pretty easy to just look something up and teach it yourself. Of course, this method doesn’t work for everyone. Many of us need to have some kind of structure in order to get a deep grasp of a subject. Programming, online marketing, social media even other disciplines like bookkeeping can be taught online. It’s possible to get online degrees (and more of these are getting accredited).

Online Courses – General

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Online Courses – Coding, Programming & Tech

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Online Courses – Digital Marketing

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Types of online courses

Online courses come in many shapes and sizes. You can do full degrees online, but for many working people this just isn’t practical. Sometimes we just need to learn an extra set of new skills in order to tackle a new project, or even get a new job. Perhaps you want a promotion or are interested in started your own online business. All of these are valid reasons to top-up your education. Whether they are free or paid, they are still worth it.

So, what form do a lot of these courses take? Well, it depends on the individual instructor but generally…

  • Free online courses such as those offered by Google are probably some of the most popular. Not just because they’re free but also because they’re pretty comprehensive. Plenty of bloggers (who are naturally experts in their field) are also offer free courses.
  • Online education can also take the form of an e-book. Expert bloggers may publish and distribute these for free. However, usually you’ll have to pay (ebooks usually don’t cost that much, so they’re definitely worth the investment!).
  • Video instruction courses such as those offered at Udemy are also an excellent option. They’re interactive: you can literally see and hear the person talking. They’ll also provide you with exercises and some of them provide written feedback from your tutor.
  • Live webinars and seminars are offered by some experts. They’re no different to a standard lecture you may get at university or at a conference. The difference is that you’re simply attending online.