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Did You Know? Get Flexible & Remote Work with Standard Job Search Engines


You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and now I want to share with you the tools and resources I’ve used to help me land remote-first, location indepedent roles with the Remote Job Seekers’ Toolbox!

Yes, remote job boards are great. But did you know that you can circumvent a lot of the competition by applying for the roles you find on “standard” job search engines? Think Indeed, Stepstone, Glassoor, etc.

What’s more: since COVID-19 hit, many of the following platforms now have a “remote” or “work from home” filter. It has taken them a while to get with the times – but progress is progress!

Know of any other standard job boards that have plenty of remote jobs? Let me know and I’ll add them!

Access Thousands of Remote Jobs with These “Standard” Job Search Engines!

indeed standard job boards

REMOTE FILTER?Yes. Type “Remote” into the “Location” field.

  • Most country versions of Indeed now have a “Remote” filter.
  • You’ll need to double check if your country’s version supports this.
  • While there appear to be fewer remote jobs here, they are more targeted. is available in multiple countries and is one of the world’s most well-known job sites. You can apply for jobs directly on the platform, but I would recommend applying directly. However, you can apply faster if you upload your CV.

glassdoor logo standard job boards

REMOTE FILTER? Yes. Type “Remote” into the “Location” field.

  • The “Remote” filter brings up any job labelled remote.
  • There is often no information on whether geographic restrictions apply.
  • There are more remote jobs than Indeed, but it is a lot more work to find out whether you’re even eligible.
Glassdoor is one of the better known job search websites and is available in a lot of countries. You can also read reviews of companies, check salaries and use their salary calculator. Different versions of Glassdoor are available for different countries.

LinkedIn standard job boards

REMOTE FILTER? Yes. Type “Remote” into the “Location” field.

  • LinkedIn’s “Remote” filter is extremely basic.
  • Usually, you have to do your own research as to whether you’re eligible to apply for a job.
  • An alternative way to search for remote jobs within your geographic region or country is to type your area into the “Location” field, then “job title” plus “remote”.
LinkedIn is a professional social network with a job search feature. While I would highly recommend it for networking, it can also be helpful when looking for job leads when other sites are slow.

A Few Tips for Using Standard Job Boards

Standard job search engines are less competitive because the talent pool of applicants is smaller. Many of the companies hiring may not mind someone working remotely, but they would like their employees to not live too far from the office. It’s up to you to determine what kind of arrangement you would be comfortable with.

For example, would you be okay with a 2+ hour commute per day… If it were only one day a week?

Knowing what you’re most comfortable with will allow you to hone down your search better. So, when looking for a remote job with the likes of Indeed & co., consider the following:

Keywords: Job Title/Industry + Location

You’ve likely used job sites before, so using keywords shouldn’t be anything new. When trying to scout remote positions, adding job title/industry and then location can be accompanied by “remote” as a keyword. However, this may vary where you are. While remote seems to be the most commonly accepted term at the moment, there are a range of others you can use. This will depend on the geographical location you’re searching in. For example, you could use:

  • “Remote OK”
  • “Home Based”
  • “Telecommute”
  • “Work from Home”
  • “Home Office”

It really can depend based on the site or the country you’re looking in. Consider all possibilities and test them out.

Filters: If They Have One, Use It

After COVID-19 hit, it seems a lot of job sites added a quick “work from home” or “remote” filter to their sites. Although Indeed had it before, it made “remote” a viable location. You simply type the keyword into the “location” bar and will get jobs that have been labelled as such. In this case, you can search for remote jobs based in the country you live in. Stepstone also has a “work from home” feature now, making it easier to filter out jobs which may be office-based.

Location: Apply to Jobs That Don’t Mention “Remote”

Yes, you can filter out work from home jobs with a filter, but don’t limit yourself. For example, consider jobs within a 2 hour travel radius of where you live. Now, see what jobs are available in your industry and read the job description. Does it sound like the job can be done remotely? Then why not apply and see if you can negotiate a deal?

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