Remote Job Boards for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

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Remote workers and digital nomads have a good thing going for them: job boards that specifically cater to those who want to work remotely.

In some ways, remote job boards are the “easiest” option when looking for a telecommute rule. Every position advertised is remote – whether that be HR, online marketing, programming, project management, accounting etc.

Of course, before you get excited make sure to look at the specifics. Most jobs on the following platforms are permanent and full-time. If you’re simply looking for clients, take a look at these freelance job boards.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you know of any gems, please feel free to contact me and I’ll add them. I’m always looking for new resources to help others.


On FlexJobs, you can find literally thousands of up-to-date remote jobs with new openings added every single day. The majority of advertised positions are permanent and full-time, but you can also find quite a few part-time and even freelance opportunities. Some positions are even on-site with the option to work from home. What’s more, nearly every possible remote-friendly industry is represented. HR, tech, marketing, law, customer service… you name it.

You don’t have to create an account to browse jobs on the platform. To apply however, you not only have to create an account but you also have to pay. While you may balk at first, the price really isn’t that much. It works out at around US$4.00 a month which is practically nothing – especially due to the sheer volume of telecommute jobs.

Before you get excited, though, here’s the real catch for nomads and non-US residents: FlexJobs is pretty much useless if you don’t live in North America. UK residents may have a bit more luck, but for remote workers in the rest of the world it’s slim pickings.

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Remote Circle
Remote Circle really hits the nail on the head in terms of concept. This platform’s goal is to help candidates search for telecommute jobs based on their city/region/time zone. This is such a basic, obvious concept that I am truly shocked no one else seems to have thought of it.

To search, simply type in the name of your city and you’ll immediately get a list of remote positions that hire candidates in your time zone. Additionally, you can filter your search down further by industry (HR, tech, marketing), type (permanent, part-time, contract) and even company.

While this concept makes so much sense, it is also really the only thing about Remote Circle that stands out. However, this is a huge benefit to jobseekers: you don’t have to spend time trawling through countless ads only for them to say “USA only”. Unfortunately, the platform can be painfully slow but I have found a decent selection of jobs available.

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Dynamite Jobs
Dynamite Jobs was built by entrepreneurs who wanted to hire their own employees remotely. Immediately available are a telephone number and an email address, with a pretty decent support team behind it. They also claim to post 100+ new jobs a week. What I further find promising is that the site was actually founded by people living in Southeast Asia. So, unlike a lot of other platforms, there is less of a bias towards US-based remote jobs.

You can search for remote jobs on the site manually, but the best thing to do is create an account and fill out a profile. Then, based on your qualifications, you’ll get regular email alerts with positions that match your profile and experience. You can also apply to companies directly through the site. The process is a little confusing, however I’ve actually gotten quite a few interviews which is really, really impressive for a remote job board.

Don’t forget to take advantage of their resume review service. Since landing a remote job requires a certain type of CV/resume, it really can help to get someone to take a look over it and point you in the right direction.

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Angel List isn’t a remote job site but I put it on this list anyway because I am constantly finding new telecommute opportunities. Angel List is actually a platform for linking start ups with candidates (as far as I can tell). Quite a lot of remote companies have profile here, but there are also plenty of “normal” companies that are open to candidates working remotely.

To best search for jobs, create an account and fill out your profile. This platform tries to act like a social network (although honestly, it feels empty in that regard), so you may have someone stumble over your profile from time to time. The search feature, while comprehensive, is a bit clunky but there are plenty of remote opportunities available.

One thing I will advise against actually applying for jobs on the site itself. It is better to look for the companies hiring and apply directly. Why? Because their idea of turning down a candidate is sending an email saying, “You were no successful”. Pretty pathetic.

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Indeed is, indeed, one of the biggest job portals online. In fact, if you search for “remote jobs” online, they’ll come up before even a lot of decent remote job platforms. Due to the sheer volume of job ads, this makes them a prime candidate for anyone looking for remote work. Depending on the country you live in, you can even use “remote” as a filter.

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Just Remote
JustRemote is a telecommute platform and a pretty cookie-cutter one at that. They offer to search for jobs and provide email alerts straight to your inbox. While I have seen a considerable amount of positions open to candidates globally, there is still a slight bias towards North America. That being said, this is another site I’d keep in my bookmarks and check from time to time.

What is handy is that the jobs posted here are very, very recent. Straight away on the homepage, each list of jobs is divided by industry (developer, marketer, manager/exec, design). There is also a location feature which lets you narrow down your search.

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Let’s Work Remotely
On LetsWorkRemotely, you can find full-time, part-time and freelance remote jobs. There is also a user support chat feature which kind of gets in the way but may be useful nonetheless. They also claim to have a considerable “remote community” with three Facebook groups. You can create an account on the platform, sign up for job alerts and manually search.

LetsWorkRemoetly is another platform I’d recommend keeping on the backburner and checking occasionally. The search feature itself is rather clunky and not much fun to work with, but there are some decent opportunities from time to time beyond tech and marketing.

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The main types of remote job you’ll find on Jobspresso are within the programming/tech sector. You’ll also find quite a few digital marketing jobs, but not as many as other job boards. They have a pretty simple, easy-to-use search feature as well to help you narrow down to your search quickly and painlessly. Since you cannot filter by location/time zone, make sure to check the labels on the right to see if an opening is available in your region.

If you login and register, you can also avail of email alerts. Admittedly, I haven’t gotten many from them so I’m not sure if that’s still active. However, you can post your resume and be discovered by employers.

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We Work Remotely
WeWorkRemotely offers a quick and easy way to search for remote jobs. From a drop-down list of categories, you can choose the industry. This platform is very heavy on the tech/programming positions as well as quite a few customer service/customer support jobs as well. However, this platform truly shines in terms of its other resources.

On WWR, you can find a list of Top 100 Remote Companies (always worth watching) and a list of other remote companies (much quicker than searching yourself). Additionally, I’d highly recommend joining the WWR Slack Community.

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RemoteOK is a very pretty remote job site but that’s about it. Unless, of course, you work in programming/tech/software. New tech jobs are posted daily. They claim to have over 30,000 remote jobs available but I have a strong suspicion that this is since the platform has been active. While they do have many different categories (marketing, customer support, design, non-tech, etc.), it really is slim pickings if you’re not a programmer.

Like WWR, you can check out their top 100 remote companies which may be useful. There is also a remote work statistics section which I suppose is interesting for some people but really… Not that relevant for the average jobseeker. RemoteOK is a nice (and yes, very pretty) attempt, but I personally don’t even bother checking it.

Remote job sites & email alerts

Nobody wants their email inbox spammed, but when looking for a job you’ve got to keep all eyes and ears open. Most remote job boards have job notification systems you can sign up to and get information about new positions immediately. This is useful because it means that you can apply for a job as soon as possible and increase your chances of actually getting an interview (or at least a reply…).

It’s still important to remember that telecommute job boards aren’t the only place to get a work from home job. In fact, there are plenty of companies who are willing to compromise. Of course, it often depends on your skills level and seniority in your field. You can also scour standard job boards for remote positions.

This list of telecommute job sites is by no means exhaustive. Every website here is regularly updated with new positions. If you happen to stumble upon another one that isn’t listed here, feel free to shoot me and email and I’ll add it to the list!

What are the best job platforms for remote work?

It’s pretty easy to see what the best job boards for remote work are. In fact, you’ll know immediately the moment you land on the site. If most of the advertised positions are a couple of months old… It’s likely that the platform is “dead” or at least out of commission for a while. However, if you do find a site that has only a few advertised positions, make sure to keep an eye on the date. Sometimes it truly is quality over quantity.

That being said: don’t limit yourself! Don’t scour only one job board. Make sure you have a collection of several (and again, sign up to several… you can create a separate email folder so that you’re not constantly bombarded by spam).

How do I know if a remote job platform is worth it?

There are plenty of platforms which have sleek, minimalist design and look very promising. Technically, they are fantastic, well-made products. Some of them even have online communities attached where you can grow and expand your network.

That’s wonderful – but the fact of the matter is…

…any job site is only as good as the number of job leads available.

When you come across a new job platform, do a little evaluation to determine whether that site might be useful for you.

  • Ask yourself a question: “What type of remote job am I looking for? What industry am I looking in?”
  • See how many job leads are available in your industry (bear in mind that this may depend on the time of year you’re looking…).
  • How old are the latest job listings? If the most recent position was posted over three weeks ago, its probably not worth it.

That being said: don’t limit yourself! Don’t scour only one job board. Make sure you have a collection of several (and again, sign up to several… you can create a separate email folder so that you’re not constantly bombarded by spam).