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Freelance Job Boards for the Nomadic & Self-Employed


You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and now I want to share with you the tools and resources I’ve used to help me land remote-first, location indepedent roles with the Remote Job Seekers’ Toolbox!

Starting a business is hard work. Even a part-time business costs time, energy and money. Yet thanks to these freelance platforms, starting a location independent side hustle is actually easier than ever before.

Digitalization revolutionized the freelancer market. The gig economy now offers opportunities for people of all skill sets: writers, artists, voice actors, programmers, marketers and more. Thanks to the gig economy, you can work where you are. You can even build up a sustainable client base.

It’s not just these freelance job boards, either. Online communities let you connect with potential clients, collaborators and other go-getters in your industry.

The online gig economy has also seen a rise thanks to COVID-19 and the job losses it caused. Perhaps, right now, you need a place to make a quick side income. If you’ve got the skilled, these resources may be your answer to scoring a quick bit of cash.

Know a fantastic freelancer site, but don’t see it listed here? Let me know and I’ll add it!

Make It On Your Own with These Freelance Job Boards

fiverr logo

With Fiverr, you don’t look for jobs. Instead, you create a profile and showcase your services (called “gigs”). Sellers on Fiverr originally sold their services for US$5.00 (hence the name). Nowadays, many freelancers charge much higher rates. Some make good income from the platform, whilst others have build a brand and found full-time clients through it.

hubstaff talent logo

Hubstaff Talent
Hubstaff Talent lets you set up a profile and search for jobs. These could be part-time, ad-hoc work or even full time roles. The downside is that sometimes there isn’t much work available. The upside is that there aren’t many active freelancers, either. Also, unlike some of the bigger platforms, you have a higher chance of actually getting a job.

Make the Most of the Gig Economy

The gig economy certainly has downsides. You can still take advantage and make something positive from it. Perhaps you like your job and just want a supplementary income. Using freelance job boards, you could offer services in the evenings or on the weekend. For anyone who needs to top up what’s already coming in, it’s a viable option.

How Do Freelance Job Boards Work?

Not all freelance platforms operate the same way, but many do. Especially the larger ones like Upwork, Guru and PeoplePerHour. This is called a “bid model. Broken down, it goes like this:

  • A client posts a “gig” with specs: budget, deadline and skills required.
  • Prospective candidates are either alerted to the gig or search for it themselves.
  • Each candidate submits a proposal.
  • The client picks the budget, skill and deadline they like and awards the candidate with the job.

Not everyone likes the bidding model. In fact, it has easily become a race to the bottom and has ended up with freelancers unable to make a living salary on the rates offered. However, quite a few people have made a sustainable income through it.

Personally, I don’t think Upwork, Guru etc are really worth it anymore. You’re welcome to try, and you may be lucky. For many freelancers though, sites that operate on a bidding model are a waste of time.

The Right Attitude for Freelance Job Boards

Do not view freelance job sites as you would employment. They are simply potential sources for income. They can also be a great place to show off your portfolio or spread the word about your personal brand. It is worth trying to get work on a few sites, but these should not be your only source of income. Additionally, do not rely on a single income source. This is a basic tenet of freelancing.

Network with Freelancer Communities and Forums

The real key to successful freelancing isn’t just building a personal brand. It’s also about building a large network. This goes for those in full- and part-time employment, too.

If working freelance, don’t view others in your industry as competition. See them as an opportunity to collaborate and even help one another out. In fact, this is a great way of brainstorming and getting more insight.

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