Job Boards for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

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When looking for any kind of job, most people turn to online job boards. They’ve basically replaced newspaper advertisements (though it’s still possible to find work through those). Even basic sites like Craigslist can have some great part-time or even full-time gigs. For anyone who wants a remote or telecommute job, this is definitely the way to go. Especially since you’re probably not going to be getting out there and meeting people straight away (maybe you will down the line…).

Job Boards

Remote job boards which focus primarily on full-time, permanent contracts. Depending on where you are based and the company is based, you may still be legally hired as a subcontractor rather than a full-time employee (even though you’ll effectively be working full-time). For those who want a sense of stability, full-time, permanent employment contracts are the best way to go.
Freelance job boards are just that: job platforms primarily aimed at freelancers who are looking for work. Anyone who freelances or does contract work knows that they should always keep an eye out for new clients. However, these places are also great for anyone who is interested in finding a few side gigs.
Believe it or not, standard job boards are also a good place to find both freelance and full-time remote positions. A company may not explicitly state that they hire people remotely, however it is worth asking somewhere along the line. If you don’t want to waste your time and are interested in only finding remote-first positions, simply search with the appropriate keyword (“remote”, “home-based” etc.).