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Grow Your Network with Remote Worker Groups, Online Communities & Forums


You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and now I want to share with you the tools and resources I’ve used to help me land remote-first, location indepedent roles with the Remote Job Seekers’ Toolbox!

Remote work groups and other online communities have grown considerably in the last few years. They also provide a useful outlet for easy, quick networking.

Perhaps you want to build your LinkedIn network, get job leads or simply join discussions about certain topics in your industry? Whatever the case is, there are plenty of communities and forums that you can join. These include various Slack channels, Facebook groups and more.

Listed below are some of what I consider the best online communities not just for networking, but for gaining insight, information & job leads.

>Know of any fantastic online communities for remote workers and job seekers, but don’t see them listed here? Let me know and I’ll put them up!

Stay Connected, Wherever You Are: Remote Worker Groups, Online Communities & Forums

Grow Remote Community
Grow Remote is an Irish non-profit organization. They are on a mission to “enable us to work, live and participate locally”. They do this by “making remote work (employment) both visible and accessible”. They have a very vibrant and supportive Slack community and guess what? It’s not just for people based in Ireland! Anyone interested in remote work can join and participate in virtual coffees, discussions and more.

Remote First Slack Group Logo

Remote First Slack Community
Are you a remote worker, remote job seeker, investor or run a remote company? The Remote First Slack Community literally exploded onto the scene recently with 900+ plus members and is a vibrant and thriving community resource for all things remote. Whether you’re looking for job leads, shop talk or want to expand your network, I highly recommend you start here!

meet cafecito logo online remote worker groups

Virtual coffee breaks, anyone? With Cafecito, you can “Break away from your task and enter thought-provoking convos with tech creatives worldwide.”
This platform focuses on quality over quantity. Based on a profile you submit, you can meet up to two new people per month, for what are essentially virtual coffee breaks. The service appears to be just starting and looks like a great opportunity to meet/make new friends and connections within your industry and beyond.

reddit telecommuting logo

Reddit Telecommuting
It seems that telecommuting is a hot topic on Reddit and rightly so. Even if you’re not interested in networking, I’d recommend keeping an eye on this part of the web. Why? Not only are people constantly asking questions about remote work and getting answers, but users constantly post plenty of valuable resources that may otherwise be hard to find.

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We Work Remotely (Slack)
The Slack community of the We Work Remotely job board. Here you’ll find both current and aspiring remote workers who want to network, chat and share job leads. Like the actual site, you’ll also find a list of daily updated jobs, industry studies and more.

wahm forum logo

WAHM Forum
WAHM.com was conceived as an online resource for moms who work from home. It’s also got a forum and no, having children and being a mom are not strict requirements. This community has been around for quite a while and is still going strong. In fact, I managed to land quite a few decent clients on here during my freelancer days!

pangian logo

Pangian Community
The Pangian job board also has a thriving online community of remote professionals and job seekers. Here, you can find valuable information and insights from others who have started or are succeeding in their remote work journey.

remotive community

Remotive Community
Remotive.io is a remote job board which mainly focuses on remote jobs in software develop, engineering and testing. To join the community, you have to pay a fee. In return you get exclusive networking opportunities, content and information.

workfrom logo

Workfrom Slack Group
The WorkFrom Slack Group  is an “online water cooler” for those who work from home. It’s a great place for virtual coffees, chats and of course – networking! To promote conversation, they have a question of the day, virtual coworking, community skill shares and share job opportunities.

remotely one logo

Remotely One
Remotely One describes itself as “an event-based relationship application for location-independent professionals”. And their online community strives for that purpose. Apparently, Owl Labs rated it as the top Slack community for remote workers.

Remote Worker Communities: Who Do I Choose?

You can sign up to as many online remote worker communities as you like! But be realistic – how many of them will you actually have time to participate in? The point of networking is to get to know people, so while you want to present on a few, don’t overstretch yourself.

To start, choose a community you most identify with. For example, if you’re a jobseeker then go for a community that focuses on providing job leads, application tips and networking with others. If you’re already working remotely, perhaps you just want a “water cooler” situation: Virtual coffee breaks, skill sharing and more.

Beyond the Community: Making Connections that Last

LinkedIn is one of the best places for online professionals to network. While it’s great to chat with and get to know people through communities, make sure you up your LinkedIn connections as well! It really is as simple as connecting and saying, “Hey, I liked (X post), thought you might like to connect!”

Networking on Social Media

I’ve already mentioned LinkedIn, but networking can also be done on a variety of other platforms. Twitter is a great place to follow and participate in conversations around a host of topics. LinkedIn of course has many groups. Don’t forget Facebook groups, either.

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