Work at Home Forums for Telecommuters

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Work at home forums offer a unique lifeline for anyone who telecommutes.

There are indeed plenty of online communities for digital nomads – but not everyone who works remotely considers themselves a digital nomad.

Those of us who work from home can often find ourselves getting into a rut. It can be very easy to get sucked into a work funnel and not speak to another living soul for days. For this reason, online groups for remote workers can be a Godsend.

But there’s more to it. Not only do these Slack channels, Facebook groups and online forums foster a sense of community… They can be an excellent way to network and even get new job leads!

The following are work at home forums which I personally have found quite useful. I’m always updating this list, so if you have any suggestions then please contact me!

Work at Home Forums

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Reddit Telecommuting
It seems that telecommuting is a hot topic on Reddit and rightly so. Even if you’re not interested in networking, I’d recommend keeping an eye on this part of the web. Why? Not only are people constantly asking questions about remote work and getting answers, but users constantly post plenty of valuable resources that may otherwise be hard to find.

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We Work Remotely (Slack)
We Work Remotely isn’t just a job site – there’s also a sizeable remote worker community attached to it. What’s more, many of the members aren’t just using the community to share job leads. There’s a genuine feeling of camaraderie here – so the benefits go far beyond networking. If anything, this fantastic (and free!) remote worker community makes up for their so-so job board.

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WAHM Forum
The Work At Home Mom’s Forum is a treasure chest for anyone who is looking for a remote job, wants to freelance or simply wants to connect/network. What’s even better is that this community has a strong focus on work at home mothers, providing plenty of support and encouragement. That being said, many of its resources can benefit the remote worker community as a whole.

pangian logo

I discovered the Pangian community a little while ago, looking for new remote job boards. The actual job board itself leaves a lot to be desired but the community isn’t bad. Although a little quiet, it can be a great place to network (especially for gathering new LinkedIn contacts).

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Work Remotely From Home Forum
The Work Remotely From Home Forum looks pretty basic and somewhat old-fashioned, but a quick glance through their posts you’ll see it has a rather active community. Not only are there discussions and opportunities to network, but you’ll also see a curated list of remote and telecommute jobs from time to time. Definitely worth watching this space!

Work at Home Forums – Networking and beyond

The ability to connect with other remote workers is vital. That’s probably why a lot of the more traditional work at home forums have become so popular. However, since telecommuting has become so common there are many more people out there who need a bit of support – especially if the company that they work for simply doesn’t provide it.

Then, of course, we’ve got the concept of networking: reaching out to others and making long-term connections, friendships and business alliances. In fact, this is often what I find these groups and communities the most useful for. Quite simply, connections can help you to get your next remote job faster.

To start, simply sign up and fill out your profile. Before you do, make sure to take a look at the forum/community itself. See just how active it actually is. Have a read through the posts and see what other members are up to. This way, you’ll get a feel for what the community is truly about and be able to adjust your conversation accordingly.

Since networking is one of the main reasons to join telecommute forums, don’t forget about networking everywhere else. Consider the likes of Facebook groups, LinkedIn and other social media. You can connect with others on different channels, join groups and really get your voice out there. Have a blog? Why not use these channels to promote it and reach a wider audience!

Don’t forget about other types of social media

As someone who works remotely, you’re going to find that most (if not all) of your interactions with others will occur online. Sure, you’re going to have occasional meetings (as they happen in fully-distributed companies), but the truth is that you’ve got to ensure you have a strong social media presence.

This means taking a look at LinkedIn and even Twitter or Instagram – or whatever other social media channels may be relevant to your business.