Digital Nomad Communities

Most digital nomad communities naturally exist online. If you’re aiming to develop a location independent and/or nomadic lifestyle, joining these forums is a must. Since digital nomadism is growing, these online communities are growing too.

Unlike work at home forums, forums aimed at digital nomads also focus on traveling. Many sites will point you in the right direction regarding budget accommodation, travel and what life is like in major (and minor) cities and towns across the world. Of course, advice articles can only go so far. Here, you can speak to actual, real-life people and learn from their actual, real-life experiences.

Digital Nomad Communities

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The (specific) benefits of joining digital nomad communities & forums

The benefits of joining digital nomad communities and forums are endless, but outlining them will give you an idea of just how vital they are:

  • Location Advice: Countless nomads like yourself are struggling with the same issues and questions you are. More specifically, many want to know about the place they’re traveling to. How safe is it? How good is the Internet? Are there certain cultural customs that you should adhere to?
  • Business advice should also not be overlooked. Especially if all of your work is freelance. You can ask for advice on software, what to do about tax or even find other professionals if you need something done (i.e. copywriters, graphic designers, developers…).
  • Give a little, take a little! As you go through your nomadic journey, you’ll gather invaluable experience and knowledge that can massively benefit others.
  • Getting a little lonely? Maintaining regular friendships is a lot more difficult if you’re moving all the time. Digital nomad forums are a great place to meet new people. You may even meet someone who’s more than willing to show you around the town/city/country you’re traveling to!

Don’t forget about “offline” communities!

The Internet is a tool for communicating and opening yourself up to new experiences (and jobs/clients…). However, don’t be afraid to get out there and mingle! Cities across the world often have digital nomad and general meetup groups so make sure to partake in those meetups as well! They’re often full of active, open-minded individuals willing to discuss, learn and share new experiences.