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Travel the World with Digital Nomad Communities


You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and now I want to share with you the tools and resources I’ve used to help me land remote-first, location indepedent roles with the Remote Job Seekers’ Toolbox!

Digital nomad communities are what brings this global meta-tribe together. They’re an asset not just for those seeking work, but for nomadic people who want to maintain friendships and enjoy a support network. Ultimately, they’re about finding your tribe.

While there are many digital nomad communities in the form of websites, forums, apps and even Facebook groups – I’ve hand-picked only a couple that I believe are truly helpful. Not just with helping nomads find remote work opportunities, but that also provide a large and supportive community.

Bear in mind, some of these communities can be quite selective in order to keep the number of spammers to a minimum. There are also a few you may have to pay for. Thankfully, the fee isn’t much.

Know any useful, active communities or groups for digital nomads that aren’t listed here? Let me know and I’ll add them!

Make Friends & Grow With These Hand-Picked Digital Nomad Communities

nomads talk logo

Nomads Talk
Claiming over 100,000 members, the Nomadstalk Community offers a lot of advice on how to build your own, location independent business. In that vein, they also offer “premium” content – hence an account here comes with a price tag.

reddit telecommuting logo

Reddit Digital Nomads
If you’re looking for an active online digital nomad community, Reddit is one of the first places I’d advise you to go. Not just a great place to chat with other nomads, you’ll also find a wealth of tips and resources. Like most of these communities, it is also a good way to gain insight into what a digital nomad’s life actually entails – beyond reading articles, reviews, blogs etc.

nomad list logo

Nomad List
Nomad List is actually way, way more than just an online digital nomad community. You could more or less consider it a full-on resource for those who either want to work remotely or become location independent. Not only is there a live chat section (which resembles Slack), but there’s an actual forum divided into various categories (Location, Business, Nomads, AMA…).

nomad gate logo

Nomad Gate
Despite sounding like a scandal, Nomad Gate is an online community for anyone who wants to pursue location independence. What’s more, the community is quite active so you’ll always have someone to chat to or bounce ideas off. Additionally, don’t forget to check out their resources section which includes things like the best banking options for digital nomads.

dnc digital nomad community logo

Digital Nomad Community
Claiming over 100,000 members, the Digital Nomad Community offers a lot of advice on how to build your own, location independent business. In that vein, they also offer “premium” content – hence an account here comes with a price tag.

What do I mean by “hand-picked” digital nomad communities? Essentially, online communities and forums that I really believe are an asset to both seasoned and aspiring digital nomads. There are a lot of trashy, spammy and empty forums out there and wading through the garbage can be time-consuming and frustrating.

While a high membership number can be encouraging, that’s not the only feature to look out for. One of the best ways to get a “feel” for the community is to actually get in there, introduce yourself, chat to people and take part in topic discussions. Many of these forums and groups also have additional resources, such as a job board.

Online Communities and Forums: Specific Benefits for Digital Nomads

If you’ve already perused some of the above online nomad communities, you’ll see that a few of them tend to be rather selective about who they let in. Often, you may be put on a waiting list or even have a pay a fee. Others are a lot more straightforward – you simply sign up with an account, create a profile and off you go.

The more selective groups tend only let in a few new members at a time, hence helping to foster a sense of community and support. Which is entirely the point of these online groups. That’s not to say “free” communities are any worse: in fact, some of them are just as good.

So, let us say you’re just starting out in the Nomad lifestyle. Why, then, would you want to join a group like this in the first place? After all, maybe you’re already a successful freelancer and have the ability to be location independent. Perhaps you have a full-time job that you can already do from anywhere.

Why bother with a community? Well, consider…

…if you’re moving, you’ll need new friends.

No matter how well-grounded we are in life, moving to a new place can be tricky. Meeting people can be a little difficult and not everyone is able to just waltz into a bar and getting chatting to random strangers. By joining an online group, you can get to know people who already live in your new home.

Since most digital nomads tend to move quite regularly, this is a process you’ll have to rinse and repeat every time you up sticks and call a new city home.

Business Connections – You Can’t Have Enough

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or if you’re working a full-time job. Things can change and you may need to replace a client or even find a new job entirely. While Linkedin and other forms of social media are great, digital nomad communities can really help you to create and maintain those business connections for the future.

Not only that, you’ll continually have a close circle of friends and acquaintances who can answer your questions about a new type of software, or may even point in the right direction if you need to get something done (i.e., looking for new copywriters, graphic designers, developers…).

Give A Little, Take a Little

Joining a community of any kind is about more than just reaping the rewards. You also have the chance to return the favour to others. As you go through your nomadic journey, you’ll also gain rather invaluable knowledge and experience which can be of huge benefit to others.

After all, who doesn’t like being seen as an expert?

Combating Loneliness

Maintaining regular friendships is a lot more difficult if you’re moving all the time. Digital nomad forums are a great place to meet new people. You may even meet someone who’s more than willing to show you around the town/city/country you’re traveling to!

“Digital Nomad” Doesn’t Always Mean Digital!

Yes – I am aware that a lot of work is done online these days. When you travel often, many of your relationships also tend to be carried out in the digital space. That being said, time spent on your laptop isn’t what the whole lifestyle entails. You need to get out there and actually experience the world. After all, that’s why we travel!

Take the time to actually switch it off, stretch your legs and walk in the sun…

…and physically meet people!

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