Forums & Communities for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

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Whether you’re simply a remote worker or a full-time digital nomad, networking can get you places.

There’s a HUGE number of digital nomad and remote worker forums/communities out there nowadays. Many of these people want to meet like-minded friends, clients and business partners. They’re also invaluable places to gain advice and learn from the experiences of others (as well as share your own!).

Want to spend some time in Bangkok? These online forums and communities are excellent for hitting up other digital nomads and asking who might be around. You can find out more about local customs, where the best bars/shops/restaurants are or even scope out great coworking spaces.

Forums & Communities for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

There’s really no better place to get insights on finding remote jobs than through work at home forums. Whether you’ve just started telecommuting, have done it for a while or are aspiring to get a job with more flexibility, these communities are full of experienced remote workers who can point you in the right direction.
The same can be said for digital nomad forums and communities. In fact, maintaining contact with other digital nomads around the world is essential. Plan on traveling to Bangkok in the near future? You may meet someone who can show you around, give you hints/advice or even a place to crash. That’s not to mention the connections you’ll make – opening yourself up to new possible job opportunities.

Remote Worker Communities vs. Digital Nomad Forums: The difference

Some of these platforms use terms like “digital nomad” and “remote worker” interchangeably, however there are a few websites which differentiate. Generally speaking, digital nomad communities and forums are for those who both work and who travel regularly. Nomadic forums will therefore provide advice about moving, traveling, where to get the best accommodation/train/plane deals etc.

Forums for telecommuters don’t necessarily exclude digital nomads. However, the main subject matter focuses on working from home and flexible work environments. On the flipside, those who work remotely but don’t travel as a lifestyle will still find some excellent gems of wisdom among the nomadically inclined.

More specifically, remote workers can even benefit from joining private groups. A lot of these are provided in conjunction with remote job boards. By being active in forums, discussions and fostering relationships you may very well end up finding your next remote job!