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Connect & Expand Your Network with Remote Worker and Digital Nomad Communities


You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and now I want to share with you the tools and resources I’ve used to help me land remote-first, location indepedent roles with the Remote Job Seekers’ Toolbox!

As social beings, humans need some form of community. If you work remotely and/or live the digital nomad lifestyle, community becomes even more important.

For many of us, keeping in digital contact with our friends and family is second nature. So then why not apply the same principles to our working lives?


  • You can gets a heads-up about new job opportunities without always having to trawl through job boards.
  • Networking with others in your industry keeps you up to date with current trends. It doesn’t just provide new opportunities it can improve you as a professional.
  • If you’re looking for work, connecting with other job seekers can provide an emotional support network. Job hunting is tough enough as it is.

And if you’re self-employed? Networking isn’t just important. It’s essential for growing your personal brand.

I’ve researched & curated a list of online communities for remote workers, remote job seekers and digital nomads who want to expand their network and be part of the larger community. Take a look and get involved!

Know of any great online groups, forums or communities for remote workers and digital nomads? Don’t see them listed here? Let me know and I’ll add them!

Forums & Communities to Connect, Grow and Expand Your Network

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You’re not alone! Trawling through job boards, going through interviews, writing cover letters… Job hunting is a mentally draining process. Spending time online talking to other job seekers can be a great way to brainstorm tactics and even share leads. What’s more, it can provide a much-needed break from the drudgery and even inspire you.

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Digital nomad forums, Facebook groups, online communities etc. are quite abundant these days. In fact, they’re vital for maintaining contact with other nomads around the world. Plan on traveling to Bangkok in the near future? You can pose a question in the forums or chat and ask about local customs, best places for a night out, the nicest restaurants or any other paths off the beaten track. Furthermore, it can be a great place to make friends – before you even arrive in your new home!

Remote Worker Groups vs Digital Nomad Communities: Key Differences

While related, digital nomads and remote workers are two separate things. Those who work remotely (whether full-time or part-time), are not necessarily nomads. However, all digital nomads are remote workers. That’s where the ‘digital’ part comes in – otherwise they’d just be nomads.

With digital nomad communities, you have a bustling online “water cooler” where you can speak to, connect and swap stories with others who share the lifestyle. Literally being able to set up shop wherever they please means that there’s a lot more traveling done. Digital nomad communities, likewise, are there to help and support those following the Nomad lifestyle.

On a digital nomad community, you’re quite likely to find out a lot of information regarding the best coworking spaces in different cities around the world, information like the cost of living in different countries, the best places to explore nightlife etc. In other words, digital nomad communities aren’t all work and no play. In fact, quite a lot of the Nomad lifestyle involves play (albeit with a careful eye towards organization and budgeting).

Remote worker communities are focused on well… Work. Job searches, networking and more. There may very well also be digital nomads in these groups, but you’re less likely to find posts about the best beach parties in Bali or cost of living in Tokyo. Rather, you’re more likely to find work at home mothers, those who decided to escape the city and live on a farm or those who simply prefer one work environment over another.

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