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The Remote Jobseeker’s Toolbox: Resources to Help You Get the Job You Want – And Deserve

Ready to throw off the shackles of the 9-to-5?

Or maybe you quite like the 9-to-5… While working from the comfort of your own home.

Perhaps you’re ready to start your own location independent business. Or, you want to set up a profitable side hustle alongside your day job.

Remote work has never been more accessible to more people. Yet as job seekers, we often face huge swathes of competition.

What I offer here is a comprehensive list of resources, tools, tips, tricks and yes, attitude adjustments that have been instrumental in letting me work from any location. I’ve worked remotely both as an employee and a freelancer, now I want to help you do the same.

Tool #1 – Grow, Expand & Strengthen Your Network

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The No. #1 Tool that will help land you a remote job is your network. Don’t know anyone who works remotely? Don’t have a strong network? It’s time to start building one! If anything, networking with people is easier today than ever before. Besides social media, there are countless online communities for digital nomads, remote workers and online professionals who want to advance in their career. It’s time to take advantage of them!

Tool #2 – Upskill For the Job You Want: Online Courses

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Online Courses

Digitalisation is eating up the world – fact. With it comes a whole new range of different skillsets that are fast becoming highly in-demand. Upskilling is the watchword of the twenty-first century and anyone who fails to do so risks becoming obsolete. This isn’t all bad news, however: online courses are available which are not only affordable but also comprehensive. Looking to start a new career or learn a new skill to get a promotion? You’ve come to the right place!

Tool #3 – Find the Most Current & Relevant Remote Job Leads

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Job boards, job search engines and online resources are always a good starting point for those who want to work remotely. Nowadays, there is a wealth of different sites that actually cater towards those who prefer to work from anywhere. Even if you already have a job, it’s always advisable to keep a few decent job search platforms in your bookmarks. The “job for life” concept no longer applies in today’s market, so we must always be ready to find and accept a new role.

Tool #4 – Companies Apply to Your With Remote Recruitment Agencies

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Constantly searching and applying for jobs can get old – fast. Sometimes, it’s much nicer to sit back and let companies apply to you! This is a growing list of recruitment agencies that mainly work with remote job seekers, or agencies that have plenty of remote roles available. Let these professionals lighten the load and help you find a location independent job.

What Do I Really Need to Work Remotely?

Short answer? A job (duh). But mindset is also important. You may love the idea of working from home or being location independent, but would it really suit you? That’s a question only you can answer. Self-discipline is a huge piece of the puzzle. No telecommuter can be successful without it.

Working remotely is a skill in and of itself. Self-discipline is one aspect and time management is another. Additionally, you need to be able to cope with loneliness. For many people, going into the office is also the social highlight of their day. When you take away your colleagues, it is basically just you sitting there with a computer and getting work done. You may only have your cat to talk to.

Are you okay with that? If so, then you’re already on the right path towards working from home.

How Do I Find a Remote Job?

By using the tools I’ve just given you!

I’m not gunna lie: it’s tough. Finding a remote job, as indeed with any role, takes time. COVID-19 has been a curse, but also a blessing. Since nearly every company has experimented with remote work, more employers may be open to remote work than ever before. This means it’s time for you to make hay out of this chaos. Apply for the jobs you want, and try to negotiate a remote deal (my ebook will tell you how!).

Don’t work in the knowledge industry, but are keen to become location independent? Then check out the online courses section! Here, you can learn the skills to work remotely, learn to program, develop your project management skills and set yourself up for a future of location independent success!

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