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The Future Begins Today: Digital, Remote & Nomadic

Digital nomads, remote workers, telecommuting… You’ve likely heard these terms being used more frequently than in last year than in the last ten.

By now, most workers in the “knowledge economy” across the globe have experienced remote work in some form. This was out of necessity. Now, based on what we have learned, we have a change to build a brighter and more sustainable future.

For everyone.

Who Am I? And What Is this Site for?

My name’s Liam and for the last decade I’ve been building a career as a writer and a marketer. What originally started as a content marketing side project to showcase my skills for employers has now turned into a resource for remote job seekers.

I’ve spent a lot of my career working remotely. I’ve partially lived the digital nomad lifestyle, taking my work with me when I travel. All before COVID-19.

Back then, finding remote work was tough. Yet I managed it. Through trial and error, luck and a good dollop of basic negotiation skills I always managed to land full-time, remote working arrangements at otherwise “normal” companies.

With this resource, I want to give you the same opportunities. Because I know how tough it can be to land a remote role.

It’s insanely difficult. Why? Because…

…when applying to remote jobs, you’re facing swathes of competition from global talent.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job. It’s all too easy to get ignored. This is a boon for remote and remote-first companies, but a major drawback for skilled professionals.

So, How Exactly Can You Help Me?

Enter the Remote Job Seeker’s Toolbox. This is a growing list of resources to help you write that perfect cover letter, uncover remote opportunities and (most importantly of all) negotiate a flexible, remote or location independent role that fits around your life.

In the Toolbox, you’ll find resources such as:

  • Communities for growing your network: Not just for “digital nomads”, but for anyone who wants to make connections, network and keep abreast of trends in their industry. In my opinion, probably the most important tool for finding remote opportunities.
  • Remote job boards & recruitment agencies: Platforms that advertise exclusively remote roles – part-time and full time. There is also a small but growing number of recruitment agencies that specifically work with remote professionals.
  • Standard job boards, with a twist: Indeed, Stepstone, Glassdoor… These well-known job platforms are actually some of the best places to find remote and flexible roles. You’ve just got to do a bit of negotiation during the interview process. Don’t worry – I can teach you how.
  • Online courses for upskilling – whether improving your remote skills, or developing hard skills to break into an industry more conducive to remote work.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to find the job you deserve.

Want to Connect?

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