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How to Get a Job Online: Not Easy, But Not Impossible

If you’re looking to get a job online then “easy” isn’t exactly how I’d describe the process. That’s not to discourage you: “online jobs” are a dime a dozen. You can find remote jobs on different career platforms. Certain professions are more difficult, requiring a lot of experience and/or qualifications. Other remote careers are easier to break into – but the competition is massive.

Don’t let that get you down, though. There are just a few things you ought to keep in mind when applying for a telecommute position.

I am by no means saying that it’s impossible to get a job online or start working remotely.

Work from home opportunities are everywhere. They’re even to be found in places you wouldn’t expect. “Traditional” job sites (like, Monster etc.) also have a significant number of remote positions.

However, there is a huge demand for remote jobs. Despite the number of flexible and semi-flexible positions you can find, you’ll still face massive competition. That’s not just restricted to the “online” world either. Even “normal” jobs get tons of applicants. It’s just a reality of the world we live in.

crying woman
Briefly spare a moment for the HR people who are overwhelmed with emails…

There’s no need to despair, though. For those who’re looking for a remote job (any remote job!), “easier” positions (simple content writing, VA work) offer a greater opportunity to get your foot in the door.

In fact…

…simple, low-paid remote jobs are the easiest to find. But just like anything else, you’ve got work just as hard to get yourself noticed.

Regardless of the position you’re looking for, you need to think of it as a project. Even if you’re looking for full-time employment, you must think of yourself as a freelancer. You have services to offer… And must convince companies that they want to snap you up!

The “easiest” ways to get a job online

By easiest we mean “least hassle” or “most likely to land you a job”. You still have to pull out all the stops – but you don’t have to be on your laptop 24/7 scrolling through job ads. In fact, much of your job search comes down to organization. At most, you have to be a bit strategic.

You’ll definitely need to put a few hours’ work into your CV/resume.  And of course, changing a few things to tailor it to each, individual application. And adding that you’re looking for something remote, the following points are vital:

  • You NEED some sort of online presence

Afraid of social media? Well, tough luck. It’s a huge asset when it comes to expanding your reach and getting people to notice you. It doesn’t matter what you use: Facebook, Google+, even Twitter… You need to get out there where people can read your posts and notice your work. Or even just your damn name.

LinkedIn and other professional social networking tools are a must. You may not use them much, but recruiters often scour them to look for new candidates. This is a passive way to get a job online… And it can work wonders. Plus, you can also just apply for jobs directly through these sites.

Have a portfolio, a professional website, a blog…

Professional websites are basically online business cards. They’re much like your social media profile, but they tell far more. Now, I’m aware that not every profession can display their work in a “portfolio”. But even having a blog where you occasionally muse about topics in your industry or have a list of successful projects you’ve worked on, can help.

Even a small blog updated once a month is great. Along with contact details, qualifications etc.

Only do VA work? Administration? Or are in a more “traditional” industry like HR? Professional websites don’t have to be fancy. They have to be to the point.


Most of us hate networking… Don’t we? Well, tough luck.

We’re not talking about going to every industry meet up and sucking up to every single person there. But it does help to be part of one or two groups. And don’t forget online communities… Participating in forums can also help you get leads to positions you might be interested in.

Job platforms… Of all kinds

There are freelance job sites where you can find gigs and steady clients. There are remote job boards for those pursuing full-time careers with companies, major and minor.

But DON’T restrict yourself to these. Ever considered “standard” job sites like Monster and Indeed? Most ads don’t automatically ask for remote employees, but we’ll bet there are a ton of companies willing compromise. Especially if you have an impressive skillset.

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