The Challenge of Finding Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

‘Work from home’ jobs sounded very much like a scam in the olden days. The desire to work remotely still, unfortunately, causes some people to fall into the trap of remote job scams.

You’ll find lots of information on these scams. I’ve already written about how to avoid them.

But what about the challenging of finding legitimate work from home jobs?

Actual remote jobs require just as much work to find as regular, in-office positions.

Finding anything remote means taking the approach of a standard employee: unless you choose to freelance. Whether you’re a freelancer or looking for full-time employment, marketing yourself is still really, really important.

If you feel unsure about how to do this, then the answer is simple: research! That’s how people learn new things… Expertise doesn’t just appear like magic.

Finding legitimate work from home jobs means knowing your industry

It’s true: you need to understand your industry well. If you work in digital marketing then you’re aware of how diverse and fast-paced it can be. For many in the industry, this is a huge advantage: you can use your current skills and expertise and reinvent your ‘professional persona’.

If you’re an account, it may be a little different. You probably have to have certain qualifications depending on the job you want. The same can be said for the level of pay. Legitimate work from home jobs are in a lot of ‘white collar’ fields nowadays – really make sure you understand yours!

Remote, freelance and regular job boards are your friend

People have definitely found telecommute positions through the likes of Craigslist and other social media sites… However, these are often places scammers target the most. Sticking to more ‘official’ job boards is definitely a good idea. Nowadays there are countless job sites that focus specifically on remote jobs… Full-time, part-time and contractor gigs can also be found on freelancer platforms. So don’t rule those out.

And what about standard job boards?

Platforms like actually have countless remote jobs available… You just have to look a little harder. When searching, type in keywords like ‘home-based’, ‘telecommute’, ‘remote’, etc… If a job stands out but doesn’t specify, then it’s worth asking at some stage of the interview process.

If you’re really unsure, do the research

It’s definitely worth researching the company if you’re unsure of anything. Look at their website, see if they have an actual phone number, street address etc… Take a look at their social media pages as well.  What do they get up to? Some con artists are great at pulling very elaborate scams… You need to be one step ahead of them in the research department.


Getting a legitimate work from home job takes work… Lot of work. That’s not to say you won’t easily land one: sometimes people are just lucky. Unfortunately the online world has allowed a lot of people to come up with news ways of tricking others out of money. One final piece of advice I will repeat is this: Never, ever, EVER send someone money. They should be paying you, not the other way around!

Author: TheFinalMonsoon

Liam is a digital strategist and copywriter, passionate about the fast-paced world of digital media and remote working. See his portfolio at

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