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Digital Nomad Myths – What You Shouldn’t Believe!

The idea of being a digital nomad is becoming very popular. Remote working allows us to do this… Which in turn has created a unique and fast-growing lifestyle that many want to pursue.

And as with anything that becomes popular, plenty of myths and misconceptions have made themselves known. With the spread of misinformation, its probably a good idea to clear up some of the false ideas that many people may have about digital nomads.

Being productive is difficult if you’re a digital nomad

Probably my favorite one because this myth also applies to remote workers. Digital nomads are often seen as flighty individuals who book plane tickets on a whim and disappear for months. On the surface, this seems to be true: except that for the most part, a lot of travel is actually planned painstakingly in advance. Visas are a thing, people!

That’s not to say you won’t get distracted by your environment. It happens. Everyone has on and off days. Some people are more prone to distraction than others. Interestingly, I’ve always found that having a bit of chaos around me actually makes me more productive. That’s why I like to do some of my work in noisy cafes (not all the time, though!).

If you primarily work from home, you may do so to avoid office distractions. Yes, offices can be very distracting places. Especially the disaster that is the open plan office. Not only that: office politics is often a big (and unnecessary) time-suck.

It’s impossible to build a successful career

Here’s a tip: It’s possible to build a successful career anywhere if you want to, digital nomad or not. It takes a lot of work, but humans are very good at overcoming the challenges that are thrown at them. For many, ingenuity and creativity are actually enhanced by lack of resources or major obstacles.

This myth also assumes that the only way of having a successful career is climbing the corporate ladder. Which is a load of crap. Successful careers are built on determination, collaboration, communication and a willingness to go the extra mile. That can happen in any work environment, remote or not.

It’s only for tech people!

I’ll admit I fell victim to this one for a long time. Especially when I was looking for remote work: I thought as a digital marketer/copywriter that my full-time remote work options were severely limited. Most of the remote jobs I saw were based in programming and tech… And while it is true that a significant number of digital nomads work in tech, and that many remote jobs are tech-based, plenty of careers can be worked from a distance.

As a non-tech remote worker or digital nomad, you may have to negotiate a bit more. Fight a little harder for what you want… But it is by no means impossible. In fact, customer service is one of the largest industries for remote work out there.

Digital nomads live a life of constant excitement

This is a non-work related one and I can understand why many believe this. After all, digital nomads travel constantly, meet new people and learn new languages. They also have new experiences are always up for an adventure… Well, maybe not so much. Moving countries constantly and acclimatizing to new environments is great. But it has HUGE downsides.

  • Loneliness affects a lot of people when they move away. Suddenly, you’re in a place where you have to be open to making new friends. If you still want social contact, that is. It can be quite daunting for a lot of people… And very much a skill to learn in and of itself.
  • You may have money problems. It’s always wise to have a “nest egg” to fall back on, but there will definitely be times when you have to scrimp and save. It may mean not being able to go for cocktails on the beach.
  • Let’s not forget homesickness and culture shock either… Newer digital nomads tend to be more prone to this than seasoned ones.


The nomad life is undoubtedly great, but its not all glamor and beaches. Every type of lifestyle comes with its ups and downs. And while you can read all the advice in the world, there’s nothing better than actually experiencing a lifestyle to see what it’s truly like!

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