Should You Consider Remote Work?

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Remote work may seem like a distant dream for many. Everyone knows someone who works at home at least once a week… Or all the time. Full and part time telecommute jobs can be great because you don’t actually commute. Instead, you just get out of bed and open the computer.

Does this appeal to you? Then maybe it’s just one of the many signs that you should consider working remotely!

Programmers and developers certainly have their pick when it comes to work from home opportunities, but they’re not alone. In fact, there are far more companies than ever before who’re offering remote positions. Plenty of managerial positions involve strategy and organizing: which you don’t actually have to be physically present for.

These days, plenty of positions have the capability to be done completely remotely. Finding a remote job can of course be that bit trickier… But the benefits can truly pay off!

For companies, remote work offers a huge advantage. Simply put: it means less money spent on overheads (desks, chairs, electricity, food/snacks at the office etc.). Use this to your advantage, if you have to negotiate a telecommute setup!

Remote work doesn’t limit you geographically

Do you work in an industry that you love… But also dream of traveling the world? Remote work can grant you that capability. But of course, that’s the dream set up for digital nomads. Not all telecommuters are or want to be digital nomads. Many of them just want a better work/life balance and the ability to actually spend more time with their children… not just on the holidays.

Expanding your job search to include companies outside of your commuting distance can greatly enhance your chances of getting a job. With a telecommute setup, you have added advantage of not having to move your entire life.

Countless companies are located in big cities. But what if you’re more of a rural person, and like the quiet? Working remotely and traveling perhaps only a few times a month allows you to stay where your heart is… And still follow a career.

Don’t underestimate the comfortable, productive workspace that remote work offers

Many companies nowadays offer a lot of extra perks for their employees. Massages, sofas for relaxing… Even a couple offer rooms for napping. It can be pretty enticing. Yet many companies don’t offer this… and often have bog-standard offices with uncomfortable chairs and fluorescent lights. Yet that’s where remote work can help you!

Do you prefer to sit and work on a sofa? You can totally do that. Do you hate sitting in the exact same place, eight hours a day? You can switch things up: sofa, kitchen table and maybe a couple of hours in a coffee shop. For some people, a slight variation in their routine can actually end up being a lot more productive.

Or perhaps you just prefer the quiet… and prefer avoiding office gossip and politics.

No commutes!

Okay… Some telecommuters still actually commute… Some once or twice a week, others a couple of times a month. Plenty of remote companies actually have meetups several times a year, giving their employees a bit of face-time. But the best part of remote work is that you don’t have to travel far in the morning. For those who aren’t early birds, it’s a pretty good deal.

Author: TheFinalMonsoon

Liam is a digital strategist and copywriter, passionate about the fast-paced world of digital media and remote working. See his portfolio at

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